Monday, October 30, 2006

Gadgets are... NOT stylish!

We are living in 21th century.Woa! We all (almost, though) know about gadgets: a small electric stuff in our pockets. Today I found, that they all together are great hit towards destroying common style.

Let's face it: each gadget *is* stylish. E.g. iPod. My dear wife gave me one as a present. It is really stylish glassy thing with 80GB capacity. Looks pretty nice. Once you touch it, you will like it. This is all at the FIRST glance.

But hey, I already have a Palm Tungsten E. This is kinda old model, but yet doing well its job. I can store all my contacts there, notes and read books. Pretty nice device and very nicely synchronized with my Mac. So *another* stylish gadget.

So now, I have to call my wife and say "Thank you, Darling!" for something. To do this, I take yet another, stylish itself, multifunctional smartphone (joystick present) to call her.

Finally, she says I have to go to photolab and print out some photos, but after that here is a list of goods I have to buy on my way to home. So, I take stylish iPod and put its glassy/metalic weight into my pants. Then take stylish Palm, write down that list of goods I need to buy and put its weight into my pants along with iPod. Now, I take stylish smartphone, stylish wallet and... my pants falls down from me because of 1Kg stuff in there, and looks kinda full.

Stylish, eh?

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