Saturday, February 03, 2007

Python Reports At Production

At our company I've just put into production OpenRML. For now we're generating official agreements with end-users. The document output is not as much as complex, but looks official more than enough. Documents looks as same as Microsoft Word can print. In the very near future complex internal reports are going to be done, instead of outputting *editable* Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

I've slightly changed the code for to be implemented as Aozora Application Server plugin: configuration file is placed to $AAS_ROOT/etc and fonts are placed into $AAS_ROOT/var/fonts/ directory. Everything else just same.

Works with legacy ReportLab 1.21 and new ReportLab 2.0. PIL 1.6 needs to be installed for image process (check out the webpage of RL).

I have no much time documenting RML myself, therefore grab official Report Lab RML documentation.

For Japanese language I use Microsoft "MS Mincho", taken from Windows OS, and Osaka, taken from MacOS X, fonts. I still have troubles loading huge Unicode Arial font. Using multiple fonts works fine.

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