Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I became owner of Yamaha MO6

After long thoughts what to buy for the same price: Roland Juno-G or Yamaha MO6, I've decided to stick with Motif series of Yamaha. That was right choice! Way better voices (can't find decent bass in Roland machine), over better possibilities, way better keyboard, way better and sophisticated sequencer — overall nice choice over Roland Juno-G.

As for Juno-G still good choice if you want lightweight keyboard. Yamaha MO6 still 10+ kg (not 25 anymore though), still bigger, thicker... Also, to burn mp3 or WAV of your composition, you need a PC to record one via analog output. Ah, and it is not a sampler, can not record audio track as Rolang Juno-G can. But wait, do we all have computers, right? :-)

Here is a result of my messing around. Some people even finds it useful... :-)

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