Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 on OSX

Decided to try NetBeans 6.1 Final.
Shortly: everything fine, except one very disturbing thing that makes entire IDE dead. Right after default installation, IDE runs fine. But I've decided to put all required extensions and after restart IDE refused to run, saying that some buggy Xalan version appeared in IDE's class path, sending me to the Wiki, where I've got very strange suggestion to cripple my entire JRE by removing a Xalan from there.

Since this problem appeared after modules installation, obviously, some module brought it to me in addition. Real "Bad Guy ©" appeared in my ~/.netbeans/6.1/ext/ directory. After removing it away, everything runs fine. But ugly crap remains: after this one removed, IDE's class path overall still contains few xalan.jar files, that are just different versions.

No idea where it belonged to, but was too lazy to figure out. :-)

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