Sunday, June 22, 2008

Screenshots Series

Few funny (or not) screenshots I took recently.

First one — Sun Solaris 10 installation. I did not noticed it much before, but that's how bad design of UI installers done. The question is: why do I need to see huge Solaris logo twice and who needs to read stupid useless incomplete Help hint that says for to go to next screen I have have to click on button "next"? Who need this screen and why there are no any functionality on it? They could use this amount of space to do something actually useful: agree to licence or start selecting components etc. No, instead you see this:

You think it is only this one screen? No. If you go through entire Solaris installation (that is unable to complete on my hardware, unfortunately) you will see lots of things like this everywhere. Instead, OpenSolaris looks indeed very promising and actually cool. Some people have complains for packaging, but that's other topic. :-)

The next one is on Dell website. Not much comment for this new Linux logo on the left side:

The third one is from and is interesting. On the site with series of video-based "howto" is a title: "Find out how". While watching a movie, I captured this frame that shows interesting combination. The only question is: find out how what... If the context is "how to configure XRaid with XServer and find why it always does not works properly", then the answer is probably just in front of you on the cover-flow... :-)

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