Thursday, January 01, 2009

Apple Safari is a disaster browser

Well, after long time trying to use Apple Safari exclusively (WebKit too), trying to love it as much as possible etc, I've concluded finally: this is a disaster browser, if we talk about memory management. It will eat all your memory available and will constantly read your hard drive (I guess, for swap space). The more you use it, the less memory you have. In my case, if I open 20 or more tabs and try see output of fs_usage, almost only Safari process is seen and it is doing something by accessing my disk for some strange reasons. Sometimes hard drive is going so mad that everything is "frozen" and Safari desperatively reading and writing something.

I've took Firefox 3 and it is much much better in this aspect. Additionally, I can not normally make a posting to this blog, using Safari anyway.

P.S. iChat is also disaster chat, so I use Adium instead. And IRC, recently...

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State Burbank said...

this happens to me in Windows XP. why the heck is the hard drive constantly reading?