Sunday, May 31, 2009

Japan OpenSolaris User Group

Just return from Japan OpenSolaris user group. Excellent photos are on Jim's blog. I regret that I did not take my camera and did not make any photos, except of a few artifacts that I've got there: a bunch of very cute metallic stickers "Powered by OpenSolaris" to replace "Powered by Windows Vista" with "Powered by OpenSolaris". :-(

Very nice people, doing good stuff and, in fact, are not using Linux or Windows on their desktops presenting OpenSolaris, unlike FreeBSD guys that happens very typically to them. :-) There was few Macs and one M$ Windows, but still all the stuff was shown from VirtualBox (even Mac guys use VirtualBox, instead of Parallels or VmWare).

Next month Mike Sullivan will probably talk about ZFS and NAS.

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