Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fight with OpenNMS on OpenSolaris

I've tried to install OpenNMS on OpenSolaris from standalone installer (shipped in one single JAR file that you suppose to run). Everything fine (mostly) as long as you follow the instructions, but some ugly things needs to be mentioned:
  • Your JRE is not enough. See, OpenNMS will ask you to install full blown JDK. What for — I have no idea. But that's why we hate most Java developers: they are unable to make cute small things in most cases.
  • Your PostgreSQL will say something rude to the installer and latter will be upset, asking you personal questions. So make sure, in prior to running the installer, you did the following:
    postgres=# create user opennms with password 'opennms';

    postgres=# alter user opennms with password 'opennms';

    postgres=# create database opennms owner opennms;

    postgres=# grant all privileges on database opennms to opennms;
  • You changed your passwords for "opennms" user in DB and also you fixed your trust store where password it "changeit".
Everything else should work, as long as your ports are opened properly. In order to know if something wrong (and it usually is), try to see what's running and what's not by issuing a command:

$OPEN_NMS/bin/opennms -v status

This will list all the processes and will show you the status.

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