Thursday, July 19, 2007

Meet Domo-kun

I just have a new friend on my desk: Domo-kun. In Japanese it is written as どうもくん Dōmo-kun. His name is like this, because only the word he knows is from greeting "Domo!" どうも、こんにちは (dōmo konnichiwa), which means something nearly "Well, hello there!".

Domo-kun has one unexplained mystery of his DNA: a strong dislike of apples. However, it is not true at least so far. As you may see on a picture, Domo-kun looks quite happy on my Apple laptop. :-) Machine works fine and I am writing this blog entry using it. There is also another one Domo-kun, much smaller. He is standing on my Apple external drive and drive still works fine too. :-)

He looks happy, eh? :-)

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