Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boring Hollywood Incompetence

I am wondering: Hollywood keep you stupid, or they are stupid? Today I am talking about nice Bruce Willis's performance in "Die Hard 4". So what happened, actually?

Well, nothing particular. As usual, two bags of gun bullets into one police car with no injure to passengers, destroying flying helicopter with a police car and soaring jet without working engine with Bruce on top — quite trivial, usual things from Hollywood. :-)

But information technologies was just amazing. Uploading map files to Nokia phone with network down was tricky, but I love much more hi-tech innovations. Here they are:

Transferring over WiFi connection... 500 TiB. Let me repeat: five hundred terabytes over wireless connection. Moreover, they actually do know the final destination: 500 TiB. No, dude, not 499, not 501, not 523 TiB and 56Gib and 453 MiB... No. Round, clean, exact 500 TiB. No more, no less. And they do not just copying it. They do graphic output for each file they copy — maybe to make the process faster? Here how the technology looks like:

You see it? Really?

Next, the “bad guys” went to shut down entire Power Plant. Great. To do that, they needed a bunch of aluminum trunks of equipment. Some of equipment are three laptops, one of them even like sub-trunk with armored laptop inside, three keyboards and cheap Chinese webcam for few buks. Even not an Apple iSight with autofocus. Great equipment though. Hey, but what the hell?.. They do shutting down the Power Plant with... a Palm pilot? Yes, they do! You can notice how that sexy hacker-woman barely types with the same middle finger which she shows usually to others when she is angry:

And again:

But no, she could not do this, because the funnier trickier policeman kills her in a room, using jeep 60 km/h. Being whacked stronger than jumped from ninth floor, she still able to fight Bruce in the elevator well. But OK, this is another story, not IT-related... So asshole was killed by Bruce, and now time to power up partly shut down Power Plant. To do this, “good hacker TM” first decide to kick away “bad hackers TM” out his network. Here how he is doing: putting stupid ads to bad guy's screen. It looks like this (for bad guy TM):

But now I am thinking: what the hell “special software” (c) Americans are using in their Power Plants, that it is so easy add such kind of ads?.. Probably this is very innovative technologies, yet unknown.

The encryption all finance information was real fun. They done it with... a screensaver:

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