Monday, March 16, 2009

Ad on my GMail

Today I've checked my e-mail on GMail account and found this ad:
Great. Soon there probably will be something like a "Crack Adobe Photoshop just for 90 days joining our adult site!" or just a trivial classic? Well, Google is just for indexing any kind of content, after all...


Albertas Agejevas said...

Well, cracking an iPhone is not as illegal as cracking warez PS. iPhone is a gadget you paid money for and you have the moral right to use it how you see fit.

(Can you switch the language to English, please?)

BM said...

Well, not really everything is that fluffy. Apple is trying to sell us that jailbreaking is not really good:

In my opinion... well, in your Unix, you're supposed to have a root access and do whatever you supposed to do. But if you've got a commercial proprietary package in your Unix and starting disassembling it, that's illegal (and you stated it just now).

Now, with iPhone thing, you've are NOT suppose to get a root access to your phone device. I know it sucks and that's one of the reasons I don't use iPhone :-) but anyway you've got a package, signed EULA and now trying to modify it. On one hand, it is your device. On the other hand, there is a proprietary package, that originally is trying to eliminate your root access.