Friday, March 06, 2009

OpenSolaris 2008.11 on Virtual Box

I've just installed OpenSolaris (AKA "Slowlaris") on my new MacBook, using VirtualBox (screw you, VmWare!).

Overall, everything fubar, exactly as expected: now it finally boots from GRUB and does not hangs as before, trying to use AMD on Core Duo; network is OK and won't suck anymore, as it did in "Nevada" build; video barely works in a simple mode and VBox Additions won't help you out of the box.

To fix video working full-screen and seamless mode, it is needed to be manually fixed, by simply removing away all of those display resolution modes from /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and also setting up virtual machine with 64Mb of video memory.

Second step is audio that won't work anyway anywhere, unless you manually debug it again (as described above). First, throw away slim_install package, a waste of space dependency that keeps root of all evil: SUNWaudiohd package. After those two gone, get OSS driver for Slowlaris and install it (pkgadd -d package-file.pkg):
Open Sound System installation complete
You can use osstest command to test audio playback in your system.
It may be necessary to reboot the system before all devices get properly detected by the system.
Installation of OSS was successful.
Damn great! Unix follows now the most popular trends, exactly like in good-old WinNT times: install a driver, reboot the system...

P.S. Sound still sucks on Solaris big time and also randomly crashes (/usr/sbin/soundoff and /usr/sbin/soundon cures current random crash). Well, never mind, I don't need sound during packaging software and, besides, I use iTunes on my Mac anyway... :-)


smootgdol said...

Strong comment to make about OpenSolaris being slow.

Have you run suse or red hat or - other vb supported OSs- on your mac book and compared the performance of all three? How do they compare?

Please Advise



BM said...

Well, that's why Slowlaris is called like this. :-) SuSE performs faster, unfortunately to Solaris.